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What I Now Know

We are so glad you're here. There are people waiting to hear what you have to say! You've experienced things that others are walking through right now. Only you can share your exact experience and advice. You have a story to tell. Now's the time.


We're creating HERstory! Too cheesy? No such thing. The WINK Hub is full of cheese, joy, guidance, sisterhood, and the best parts of life. It's also full of hardship. Frustration. Getting to the edge and living to tell the tale. theWINKhub (What I Now Know) has a singular goal of community. Here, you will find the stories of women - remarkable, unassuming, normal, powerful women. The advice those women wish someone had told them when they were younger.

Illustrated Eyes


Knowing what I now know, I would tell myself at/as _____.

You choose how you fill in the blank. Maybe it's what you wish you knew at age 13. Or when your parents got divorced. Or maybe it's that time when you were 18 and and felt that freedom for the first time. Or maybe it's when you became a first-time mama.

And not just those big events. Sometimes the biggest messages come in the most mundane packages. Especially the packages you didn't know were presents in the moment!


The beautiful truth about telling our story is that, while we all have different circumstances, the root messages are often similar. Fear, Love, Growth, Anger, Loneliness. There's a collective experience all of us share on this planet. 

And lest you think all the pieces of advice (or winks as we like to call them) are heavier, intense experiences, sometimes the words that your 24-year-old self needs to hear is that "you absolutely cannot microwave a Capri-Sun." OH, and "don't give yourself bangs right after a breakup" is probably something that someone out there needs to hear. 

Illustrated Eyes
Illustrated Eyes


theWINKhub users come from all backgrounds and our goal is to make our online communities inclusive and safe for everyone to participate. To that end, we’ve introduced some rules and guidelines regarding posts, comments and usernames which must be followed. Please take a look at the policies below.


Can also be applied literally anywhere.


We follow up on each submission before any interviews or sharing, so please be mindful!


Please submit your story in the WINK Format.


Everyone is different.
Everyone is welcome.

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